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Basil Khan
Written by Basil Khan

Why do bundle content line items not added to some of my original orders?

Here we go over why some of your orders become uneditable by Shopify and how these bundle content line items are handled

Sometimes, orders become uneditable in Shopify, which stops Simple Bundles from adding the bundled products to your original customer orders. Click on the Edit button on the orders to view why the order is uneditable.

With recent updates to the app, we are able to handle uneditable orders by replicating a new customer order with bundle items. Learn more here: How are bundles in uneditable orders handled?

However, if you want to avoid original orders not having the bundled contents added, make sure neither of these conditions is true for your bundle orders:

  • Orders older than 60 days cannot be edited
  • Orders are archived
  • The customer address is invalid
  • Multi-currency orders cannot be edited
  • Additional payments can only be completed by the customer – there is no way for the merchant to take a payment on behalf of the customer
  • Automatic discounts can't be edited, added, or removed. Automatic percentage discounts will update to account for qualifying items that are added or removed, however.
  • Discount codes can't be edited or added. If an item with a discount code applied is removed from an order, the discount will be lost and the buyer will owe the difference.
  • Shipping cannot be edited/added/removed
  • Checkout doesn’t support wallets
  • Orders with local delivery as the shipping method can’t be edited
  • V1 Subscription orders (e.g. via ReCharge app) cannot be edited
  • Any orders that have been created by third-party app cannot be edited.

If you still have questions regarding why your bundled products aren't showing up on orders, reach out to our team on chat.