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Basil Khan
Written by Basil Khan

How do I make my bundles compatible with multiple locations?

Sync your bundle and bundled products inventory across multiple locations

If you are using multi-locations on your store, follow the steps below to ensure your bundles' inventories are set up and syncing correctly.

1. Make sure you are using Shopify's native inventory management. Simple Bundles does not currently integrate with other third-party inventory management systems.

2. Make sure your bundle variant has "Track quantity" enabled in Shopify and is also set up only in a single location. The location selected doesn't matter but this way all the total aggregate inventory quantity (based on the bundle item inventory across multiple locations) is held in a single location.

Click on "Edit locations" and select only a single location for you bundle SKU.

3. Then, ensure all of your other products with bundles also have "Track quantity" enabled and have the right quantities across all locations.

4. Finally, make sure the inventory sync is enabled by Automatically update bundle inventory.

Then, you're all set to sell bundles with products across multiple locations! 🚀 If you have any questions for our team, reach out to us over chat or email.