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Basil Khan
Written by Basil Khan

How to handle orders that cannot be edited by Shopify?

Learn how bundle contents are added to orders in Shopify when these orders are not editable by merchants or apps

Due to various limitations set forth by Shopify, some orders cannot be edited in the Shopify admin by merchants or other apps. These reasons are listed in detail on this help doc: Why are line items not getting added to some of my orders?

📝 Simple Bundles edits order to add the bundle items for the bundle purchased by customers. This step occurs after the customer completes checkout and the order is created in Shopify.

If your current order becomes uneditable, Simple Bundles has a built-in mechanism to handle these bundles items accordingly and this is enabled by default. You can go into your preferences page to modify this behavior:

Once enabled, Simple Bundles will create a new order with the same customer details. However, this order receipt and confirmation will not be sent to the customer.

Original order

If the original order is not editable by Simple Bundles, the original order stays intact and no modifications are made. In our example, we will look at two bundles that were added to the order.

Simple Bundles will create a new associated bundle items order with a note pointing to the original bundle order number.

Associated bundle items order

When bundles are in uneditable orders, Simple Bundles will create a new associated bundle items order, which will have all the bundle contents along with the reference custom line items showing the bundle name, the same customer shipping details, as well as a note pointing to the original bundle order.

These orders can be fulfilled as any other order and sent to your third-party logistics or warehouse team to be packaged and shipped.

If you have any questions regarding uneditable orders or associate bundle items orders, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to help. 🙂